DeliAlgo – Financial and technology ecosystem

Our vision is to create a future where all our products and services are perfectly matched to our user’s needs and wants through our robust community by the usage of our advanced marketing technology and social network. Not only consume the services (games, F&B services) in our ecosystems, users also actively participate in the value generation chain, create creative contents to express themselves in DeliAlgo’s digital world, make educated investments of their earnings using advanced AI algorithm in our internet banking.

DeliCoin (DLC) is the cryptocurrency used for conducting services in the ecosystem of DeliAlgo. These are the three main services in the DeliAlgo ecosystem:

  • ContentChill – Content creation platform.
  • DeliGame – Play-2-earn Intellectual chess games.
  • DeliFinance – Hyper-personalized holistic wealth managing platform through open banking.
  • Delichill Vietnam – a modern metaverse-styled virtual property platform for F&B.

ContentChill Platform

ContentChill – Content creation platform

ContentChill has a multi-sided business model, with two interdependent customer segments that are both needed to operate: (1) creators who upload their content and seek buyers and (2) content-seekers that require great content.

Users in ContentChill can bid and co-own the potential great content with creators. This unique mechanism will provide needed support to creators and provide users with a new channel of investment.

ContentChill will first focus on the visual art talents in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, serving as a place where those talents can share and sell their designs at a competitive price. The creators’ content can be promoted by DeliAlgo’s referral marketing technology. Horizontally, the platform will quickly follow up to other types of content such as music, webtoon, literature, business ideas, … Vertically, we would launch further tools for creators to leverage blockchain technologies to promote and make money from their creative ideas such as NFT.


DeliGame – Play-2-earn Intellectual chess games.

To help users have fun time on the eco system, DeliAlgo offers 3 popular chess games. The games will be played with DeliCoin. Players can spend coins to play and receive rewards in coins. Players can compete to each other and bet their winning using coins. DeliAlgo will encourage users by offering DLC free marketing coins and organizing tournaments for players in which spectators can bet on winners using DLC. The 3 chess games that DeliAglo offers are:

  • Western chess game: this traditional game has 600 millions around the world.
  • Chinese chess game: one of the most popular board game played in China and across Asia.
  • Go-Stop (Godori): a Korean card game designed for Korean market.

DeliFinance PLATFORM

DeliFinance – AI-powered financial management platform

DeliFinance will provide “Hyper-personalized holistic wealth management platform” through open banking for the tech savvy users. First, our open-banking platform allows users to buy, sell or trade digital commodities. Second, DeliFinance offers AI-powered asset management tools:

  • Outsourced investment management: AI based investment platform for SME and institutional investors, emerging Asia’s alternative investment platform and global investment factor and risk model.
  • Behavioral wealth management management: AI-driven wealth management for retail investors, guided investing, self-directed investing, educated investing, behavioral risk profile.

Partners of DeliFinance in Asia ECOSYSTEM

Visit our partner Algolab Japan site, and others from the same family.

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DeliChill APP

DeliChill – Modern metaverse-styled virtual property platform for F&B.

DeliChill first starts recruiting users by offering a comprehensive solution of food delivery to end-users, merchants, and shippers in May 2022, first in the Vietnam market. Food delivery service is forecasted to have continuous growth of 2 digits yearly from 302 million US$ marker size in 2020 to 557 million US$ in 2024. In DeliChill, users can use referral marketing and social network to form community and promote food item of merchants. The next phase of DeliChill is a metaverse-styled virtual property platform in which users can create their own virtual store.

Users can use DeliChill’s referral marketing technology to promote goods on their stores and promote their stores through the social network. DeliChill target young community members who are crypto savvy and have strong entrepreneurship spirit to create these virtual stores. Like in real life, DeliChill create virtual marketplace in which users can customize their store fronts with assorted designs, locations, marketing scheme to increase their traffic. All these customizations can be bought from the platform. Valuable stores and items can be traded as in other metaverse marketplace. The metaverse platform is planned to launch on Q4 2022.

What is DeliCoin?

DeliCoin is the utility coin to serve the ecosystem of DeliAlgo. DLC will be released on the basis of Binance Smart Chain platform. It’s compatibility of the token with third-party services wallets, exchanges etc, and provides easy-to-use integration.

  • Full Name: DeliCoin
  • Short Name: DLC
  • Total Supply: 2,500,000,000 DLC
  • Blockchain Platform: Binance Smart Chain


Token Sale SALE

Number of tokens for sale

1,750,000,000 DLC

Tokens exchange rate

1 DLC = $0.01 (1 cent)

Market cap


Issuance plan

5% (125 million coins) in every quarter for 5 years

DeliCoin Allocation

Funding use



Founded Korea’s first quantitative BI


AlgoLab’s East Asian Business Expansion (Japan, China). DeliChill Finland founded, DeliChill Vietnam founded.

January 2021

DeliChill platform development

December 2021

DeliCoin private sale and issuance

Q1 2022

DeliCoin listing on LAToken; DeliCoin on CMC; DeliCoin Smart Contract auditing

Q2 2022

DeliCoin listing on 5ROI, token integration on ContentChill

September 2022

Crypto exchange platform; Wealth management and investment advising platform; F&B Game


Fresh and cold storage

Powered by a Team TEAM

The Delicoin Team combines a passion for esports, industry experise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.

Hong Seungki
Founder & CEO
Seungjong Kim
Co-Founder & CEO
James Howang
Co-founder and Chief of Business Development
Hoa Nguyen
Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer
Jeungho Roh
Chief Research Officer
Naoko Mayumi
Chief Information Officer
Cheong Do Young
Chief of System Development
Robert Han
Engineering Coordinator


William George Hamilton
Business Strategy Advisor
Michael Morony
Investment Advisor
Mark Lee
Legal Advisor
Jay Cho
Finance and Accounting Advisor
Tina Nguyen
Legal advisor for USA



DeliAlgo Ecosystem Map

DeliAlgo Ecosystem Map


Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

DeliAlgo International

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Contact number: Mr. Neo


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