DeliAlgo is a thriving ecosystem. DeliAlgo’s projects are being implemented and are forecasted to become one of the most potential projects in 2022. Therefore, DeliAlgo continues to openl Private Sale DLC tokens to call for investment from March 9, 2022 to March 23, 2022.

DeliAlgo is a Singaporean based Technology investment company with more than 20 years of experiences in different industries ranging from many financially and developed countries in Asia, like Korea, Japan, Singapore, China,… DeliAlgo focuses on developing high-tech products and services, which serves a wide range of consumers. With a team of experienced leaders in the field of technology investment, combined with a dynamic and professional young staff of different cultures, DeliAlgo is expected to become the leading technology ecosystem in Asia and the world, contributing enormously to the movement and continued development of the digital economy.

DeliAlgo specializes in providing personal financial management services and modern F&B services, advanced marketing technology to global consumers.

Four main services in the DeliAlgo ecosystem include:

◼︎ DeliFinance – “Hyper-personalized comprehensive wealth management platform” through open banking.
◼︎ DeliGame – Intellectual chess Play-2-Earn game.
◼︎ ContentChill – Content creation platform.
◼︎ Delichill Vietnam – A modern metaverse-style virtual asset platform for F&B.

Distinctively, DeliAlgo is developing the Robo-advisors segment to help automate the essential requirements to provide investment consulting or online asset management services. 

◼︎ An automated investment consultation or asset management service is provided using a pre-designed algorithm.
◼︎ Professional investment consultation or asset management services are provided to investors in a non-face-to-face manner.
◼︎ By using Robo-advisors property management or investment consultation services, members can significantly reduce the minimum investment limit or consulting fees.

DeliCoin (DLC) is the cryptocurrency used to conduct services in the DeliAlgo ecosystem instead of fiat currency. The DeliAlgo ecosystem with its diverse services and transactions will need a robust payment system. 

Information about DLC Tokens:

◼︎ Name: DeliCoin
◼︎ Abbreviation: DLCToken
◼︎ Network: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
◼︎ Total Supply: 2,500,000,000 DLC
◼︎ DeliAlgo website (DLC):

Currently, DLC tokens are being opened for private sale on 5ROI exchange (ends March 23, 2022) and open for IEO sale on Latoken exchange (ends March 17, 2022). The bilateral cooperation between DeliAlgo, 5ROI and Latoken  will become the premise for the two sides to continue their extensive cooperation, deploy new products, and go hand in hand for the common goal of sustainable development, social support, diversify business operations, and contribute enormously to the movement and continued development of the digital economy.


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