The first round of DLC Token IEO has ended, DeliAlgo thanks the investors who invested in Delicoins.

DLC Token IEO continues to open the next round from February 15 to February 22, 2022 at extremely attractive prices on the LAToken exchange. Invest in DLC today to:

• Enjoy extremely favorable price: 0.01USDT/ DLC

• Payment for services in the DeliAlgo ecosystem

• Receive extremely attractive profits

• DLC Token is easy to use, low cost, high security

• Total supply up to 2.5 billion DLC

Delicoin (DLC) is a commonly used coin in the DeliAlgo ecosystem. In addition to being more efficient in terms of time and cost than traditional payment methods, DeliCoin offers a number of distinct advantages including the ability to lay out the rules of the protocol in detail to the point of individual payment. transaction, also known as a programmable digital currency. Or the ability to make multiple transactions with a single payment is entirely possible. So, investing in DeliCoin is a smart investment, bringing huge returns.

CLICK TO BUY NOW AT LINK: https://latoken.com/ieo/DLC

Or download the LAToken app on the iOS App Store or Google Play!

🌐Website: https://delicoins.com

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