On April 6, 2022 DeliAlgo held a livechat AMA at 5ROI Global community. AMA with the participation of Mr. Hoa Nguyen – Co-founder and CTO of DeliAlgo. The program brought investors detailed information about DeliCoin post-listing and DeliAlgo’s upcoming projects.

AMA on April 6, 2022 Q&A livechat at 5ROI Global community with Mr. Hoa Nguyen 

  1. After listing, the price of DeliCoin dropped rapidly

On March 31, 2022, DeliCoin was listed on LaToken exchange and 5ROI Global. However, after listing, DeliCoin’s price dropped significantly, making many investors worried and skeptical about the project. Hoa Nguyen – Co-founder and CTO of DeliAlgo said: “Regarding the fact that the market price is lower than the selling price, we encounter a large number of short-term investors. and most don’t understand Delialgo’s business model.”

He also added that the number of DeliCoins reported at the last 5ROI Global IEO was 7.6 million, or $100,000. However, DeliAlgo has bought back 4.2 million DeliCoin, currently on the market there are 3.4 million DLC tokens in circulation, an extremely small number. This action of DeliAlgo is to secure the price of DeliCoin, and protect the interests of investors.

DeliAlgo – Potential ecosystem that needs long-term investment 

  1. DeliAlgo is an ecosystem that needs long-term investment

As can be seen, DeliAlgo is a very new ecosystem and is in the process of being completed. DeliAlgo’s DeliCoin has also just been listed. Therefore, investors need to have a long-term investment plan with DeliCoin to get the best return. According to Mr. Hoa Nguyen, in the near future DeliAlgo will expand its marketing activities and begin steps to develop the price of DLC. He firmly believes that long-term investors will benefit more.

Moreover, DeliAlgo is not a multi-level fraud model and is very transparent about project information as well as DeliCoin metrics, which investors can check on DeliCoin’s Block Chain Scan.

DeliCoin Destruction Plan 

  1. Plan and policy of burning DeliCoin 

The DeliCoin Development Fund holds 70% of the total blockchain supply (1,750,000,000 DLC) which will unlock 5% at the beginning of the quarter and burn the unused portion at the end of the quarter. In addition, the project team will also burn DLC when there are special events during project development.

Mr. Hoa Nguyen said the next burning will take place on April 8, 2022 (one month later than the last burning). According to the plan, the next DLC burns will take place on July 8, 2022; October 8, 2022…

DeliAlgo is committed to using a part of profits to buy back and burn DLC as well as implement a quarterly DLC burning policy in order to bring the best benefits to investors and keep the value stable. of the common currency in the DeliAlgo ecosystem.

DeliCoin burning policy 

Mr. Hoa Nguyen emphasized DeliAlgo’s policy of destroying DeliCoin:

  • Burn the quarterly opening if not circulating
  • Use profits to buy back DeliCoin quarterly for destruction
  • Random burning based on major project events. 
  1. Upcoming projects of DeliAlgo

During the AMA livechat, Mr. Hoa Nguyen also shared DeliAlgo’s upcoming plans, namely DeliChill and DeliFinance projects. 

DeliChill ready to go into operation

DeliChill started out as a food delivery app. DeliAlgo started small to grow the community through marketing technologies and social networks. From there, DeliChill will develop an F&B game, where users can create their own restaurants on DeliChill’s platform to sell food from real-life vendors. This project has been approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and will launch in May 2022.

DeliFinance is an Open Banking service that supports crypto assets and advanced AI technology for asset management. This service is the best support for individual investors, investors with a small initial capital will have the opportunity to invest without much cost (expense 1% compared to 2% normally. will need to pay for investment funds). The project has already gone live and established several businesses throughout Asia. In particular, DeliFinance in Korea has a very fast growth rate.

DeliAlgo is a thriving project and very suitable for long-term investment. DeliAlgo has a plan and policy to burn DeliCoin quarterly to ensure the interests of investors. Besides, the DeliChill Vietnam project is ready to go into operation as soon as possible. The DeliAlgo team is committed to implementing the project in accordance with the announced schedule to investors.


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