On March 31, 2022, DeliAlgo International held an event to mark DeliCoin – the cryptocurrency used in the DeliAlgo ecosystem – officially listed on LaToken exchange and 5ROI Global. This is considered an important milestone in the development of DeliAlgo. The event had the full presence of DeliAlgo Team and Investors as well as partners.

DeliCoin listing event with the full participation of DeliAlgo team and Investors

At 2:00 pm on March 31, 2022, DeliAlgo held a cozy party to mark the event that Delicoin – the cryptocurrency used in the DeliAlgo ecosystem – was officially listed on the LAToken and 5Roi exchanges. Global. The event took place at DMaris Restaurant, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City with the full presence of a number of Delicoin investors, partners and DeliAlgo team.

Mr. Howard Yu Nam and partners from Korea 

DeliCoin Investor and 5ROI Global Representative

Mr. Howard Yu Nam, investors and partners

Attending the online event were Mr. Hong Seung Ki – Founder and CEO of DeliAlgo, Mr. Kim Seungjong – Co-Founder and CEO of DeliAlgo and Mr. Robert Han – DeliAlgo Technical Coordinator. The event was very pleased to have the direct presence of Mr. Howang Yu Nam, Co-Founder and Director of Business Development of DeliAlgo, Mr. Hoa Nguyen – Co-founder and CTO of DeliAlgo and Ms. Le Thi Khanh An – Marketing Director of DeliAlgo. Along with that was the presence of close investors.

Mr. Hong Seung Ki spoke at the event through Google Meeting

Speaking at the event, Mr. Hong Seung Ki said DeliCoin is listed for $0.02. He said that this will not be the highest level of return that investors will achieve. “With carefully planned projects and marketing tactics, DeliAlgo will continue to grow stronger, leading to an increase in the price of DeliCoin.”

Mr. Nguyen Giao Hoa spoke about the long-term orientation of DeliAlgo

Mr. Hoa Nguyen also added that DeliAlgo’s long-term project is to develop NFT and metaverse games. In the future, the Contentchill project will launch other tools for creators to leverage blockchain technology to promote and monetize their creative ideas, such as NFT. Besides, the DeliChill project will become a metaverse-style virtual asset platform in which users can create their own virtual store.

DeliChill project is ready to go into operation as soon as possible

Besides, there is good news for investors as DeliChill – a project in the DeliAlgo ecosystem has just been officially licensed to operate by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Delichill is ready to go into operation as soon as possible. To learn about Delichill please refer to our Whitepaper here

Thus, after officially listing on reputable exchanges, as well as receiving valuable trust from investors, Delicoin commits to follow the right development roadmap as we announced. and growing wider.

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