Let’s finding about Mr. Hong Seung Ki – founder of DeliAlgo and the story of DeliAlgo. What is special about the DeliAlgo ecosystem project for investors to “pour” money into? When is the right time to invest in DeliCoin? 

Get to know DeliAlgo with founder Hong Seung Ki

  1. Founder Hong Seung Ki and the story of DeliAlgo

With his experience and strategic vision, Mr. Hong Seung Ki founded DeliAlgo – A financial and technology ecosystem that promotes personalization.

Mr. Hong is currently the CEO of VK Plus Development Co., Ltd and Modeul Development Partners Co.,Ltd. Besides, he is also the CEO of SLS Logistics, specializing in cooperation with major partners such as DHL, UPS, Aramex, etc. Mr. Hong is also the Director of Gaon Appraisal Corporation. Not only that, he also has many years of experience in project appraisal and evaluation.

With experience in many different fields, Mr. Hong realizes that the market is in dire need of an ecosystem that uses advanced technology to serve the increasingly modern lives of people. So he developed DeliAlgo, the DeliAlgo ecosystem that uses AI technology and modern algorithms to personalize services tailored to each customer.

DeliAlgo Ecosystem

  1. What is in the DeliAlgo Ecosystem? 

DeliAlgo is an ecosystem built and connected by many small projects, including: ContentChill, DeliChill, DeliFinance, DeliGame. Each project has a unique and breakthrough feature, with important contributions in the overall development of the ecosystem. However, perhaps the most important and potential project is DeliFinance, and this is also considered the most important project in the entire DeliAlgo ecosystem. 


Contentchill: this is a content creation platform, connecting creators with investors around the world. Here, creators can freely post or auction their products. In the future, Contentchill is expected to have more tools to assist users in creating NFTs. 


DeliChill attracts users by providing a comprehensive food delivery solution for end users, merchants and shippers in May 2022. It is expected that in the next phase, DeliChill will be a metaverse platform for F&B, in which users can create their own virtual store.


DeliGame offers 3 popular chess games to help users have a good time on the ecosystem. Games will be played using DeliCoin. Players can spend coins to play and get coin rewards, while also competing against each other and placing winning bets.


And finally, the most prominent name – DeliFinance – is a comprehensive wealth management platform hyper-personalized through open banking. Sharing about the project, Mr. Kim Seong Jong – Co Founder & CEO of DeliAgo also emphasized that DeliGinance’s unique feature is the participation of “Robo Advisors”.

In fact, this is not an old trend when in Korea, the growth rate of the use of these Robot advisors tends to be extremely positive, double the number of “Native Robots”. Together with a team of experienced management and highly qualified staff in the industry, DeliFinance is expected to grow strongly this year.

DeliCoin – Potential token of the DeliAlgo ecosystem

  1. Is this the right time to invest in DeliCoin?

Because DeliAlgo owns an ecosystem with a variety of services, using the most advanced technology to serve the increasingly modern life of users with diverse services and transactions. This raises the question of the need for a robust payment system. So, instead of fiat, the developers offered a cryptocurrency for the DeliAlgo ecosystem – called DeliCoin (DLC).

After rounds of Private sale and IEO, the amount of DeliCoin sold is 9,036,245. In which private sale on 5ROI Global has sold 3,969,016 DLC to 36 Investors. IEO rounds on 5ROI Global have also received trust from 622 investors, selling 4,332,952 DLC. On March 31, 2022, DeliCoin was listed on LaToken exchange and 5ROI Global at $0.02/DeliCoin. Mr. Hong said that this is not the highest level of profit. With potential projects carefully planned, DeliAlgo will continue to thrive in the future, leading to the price of DeliCoin also increasing.

Following the development roadmap, in Q1 2022, DeliCoin will be listed on CMC as well as DeliCoin smart contracts audited. Accordingly, we will proceed to complete the list of DeliCoin on 5ROI, and integrate the token on ContentChill in Q2. Besides, the DeliChill project has been approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and is ready to go into operation as soon as possible. So now is the right time to invest DeliCoin

The potential DeliAlgo ecosystem is formed based on the essential needs of users. DeliAlgo is in the process of running the project according to the schedule announced to investors.


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