1. Airdrop Overview

In order to serve the community of the DeliAlgo ecosystem, the DeliAlgo development team will hold an Airdrop 1,500,000 DLC Tokens event and there is no limited number of participants.

  • Airdrop Pool: 1,500,000 DLC;
  • DLC Reward per Winner: 500 DLC;
  • Number of Winner: 3000;
  • Event Date: 22/04 → 05/05 (14 days);
  • Token Distribution: 15 days.
  1. How to participate and Rewarding mechanism

To participate in the 1,500,000 DLC Airdrop event, participants need to following steps:

  • Access the Airdrop link:
  • Complete 5 tasks (subscribe, like and interact with the social media channels of the DeliAlgo community: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube);
  • Fill in the DLC metamask or trust wallet address (BEP – 20 network);
  • Wait for notifications and receive rewards.

Invite friends to participate in the Airdrop program for more chances of winning.

Note: Cases that do not fully fulfill the requirements and tasks in the Airdrop program will be considered ineligible for rewards.

Rewarding mechanism:

  • The list of Airdrop Winners will be announced on the official website of DeliAlgo; 
  • The DLC prize will be transferred directly to the winner’s wallet 15 days after the result announcement;
  • The amount of DLC after transferring to the wallet will be locked for 15 days.

For any questions or complaints before, during and after the program, please contact us via: